Wood Coatings (ITALY)

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Special Effects


This effect does complete justice with the audacity of the distressed look. One can choose any color in the base and then sit back and watch this effect play with it.


The hammertone makes the surface look like irregular. This irregularity is actually the beauty of this effect.


Add sparkle to any base color and add sparkle to your life. This effect adds the glittery look into the normal pigmented color.


An extension of Sparkle where we have added some more glitter. The USP of this effect is that it gives a different shade when seen from different angles.


Metallic colors are the ones that appear to be that of a polished metal. They give a shiny and a classy look.


Change the look of your Wood into that of a marble. Choose any color in base and enjoy the rich feel of the marble.


How may we describe it? A symmetrical crackle maybe? This effect looks drooling to the eyes and leaves it’s viewers into a different ecstasy.


With special oxidizing agents being used to make this effect, this has his own innovative feel to it. Looks like fungi has mixed itself with rusting.


The Chromium plating which is often done on your metal can be done on wood now. It adds up to the premium feel.


Feel the smoothness of the velvet with our Veltouch. Apply it on any matt color and feel the supremacy.


The cementic feel now available on the wood. You can play with it using a roller or a regd mark or any other object to make your customized texture.


This effect has been named because of its own uniqueness. It reflects clouds when you see it from a different angle and looks best when achieved on dark colors.


This is as soft and smooth as it sounds. Feels like a cloth has been pasted on the wood while it isn’t. Touch it to believe it.


Now give your veneer a different and rich look by filling its veins with Gold, Silver or White patina.