The Sirca management is a perfect blend of people who believe in putting their beast foot forward, anytime, everytime. The management forms the cornerstone of every task, be it design, be it effectiveness.

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal (Chairman cum Managing Director)
▪ Chairman cum Managing Director of Sirca Paints India Ltd.
▪ Chartered accountant
▪ With 20 years of Experience in wood coating industry, he worked as a pioneer and leader in this segment and marked presence of brand Sirca in every part of India
▪ His vision – to set up the manufacturing plant and begin with exports of Sirca
Products to neighboring countries

Mr. Gurjit Singh Bains (Non Executive Director)

▪ As a co-founder of Italian Furniture brands to different parts of world Including India
▪ As Director In BGB ITALIA an Italian registered firm, exports Top renowned
▪ First to introduce branded Italian furniture in India
▪ Completed degree in masters in economics from University of Venice
▪ Experience of more than 20 years in wood coatings and Italian Furniture Sirca paints India Pvt Ltd, built Brand Sirca In Indian market

Mr. Apoorv Agarwal (Joint Managing Director)

▪ Experience of more than 8 years in Italian Furniture and Italian wood coatings
▪ Completed masters in Finance and marketing from IIPM and Degree of Commerce from University of Delhi
▪ Started a career with Sirca wood coatings Italy, Managing sales and marketing and later took training with many renowned Furniture brands from Italy
▪ Formed La Tendenza , a unique destination to experience high-quality European furniture with Brands like BEB Italia , Reflex , Laura meroni , Simone Cenedese etc.
▪ Participated in all seminars and activities conducted by IICCI

Mr. Sanjay Kapoor (Non Executive and Independent Director)

▪ Non Executive and Independent Director of our Sirca Paints India Limited.

▪He is MBBS and DCH (Diploma of Child Health) with 20 years of experience as Child Experience and padiatrics Department.

▪ He has been on the Board of the Company since December, 2017

Mrs. Archana Agarwal (Non Executive and Independent Director)

▪ Non Executive and Independent Director of our Sirca Paints India Limited.

▪ She is Architect by profession and having more than 23 years experience in designing the buildings.

▪ She has been on the Board of Company since January, 2018.