This is an universal series of concentrated stains, it can be diluted with solvents or water, basing to the technology used. The basic colours can be mixed together to achieve every kind of colour.

PU Clear Finishes

This is a primer for exotic woods and hardwood. It is suitable also to be used on mdf of poor quality to improve the adhesion.It’s possible to achieve special effects choosing properly the clear binder and the thinner.

PU Acrylic Clear Finishes

This acrylic primer is enriched with exceptional non-yellowing properties, it is characterised by high transparency and covering power if compared with common acrylic sealers.

PU Pigmented Finishes

This is a series of high quality topcoats, characterized by high covering power and surface durability. It has excellent resistance to yellowing (due to the presence of uv filter) in a combination with hardener cth3.

Polyester Finishes

This is a universal sealer properly stabilised for hot climatic conditions. It is characterised by very good transparency, coverage and sanding.

Water Borne Coatings For Interiors & Exteriors

This is formulated to reduce the typical problems of impregnation of woods rich of tannin, extractives and “fat” substances which provoke appearance of spots.

Parquete Finishes

This is a series of matt water based self sealers, monocomponent, characterised by good chemical resistances, surface hardness, sandability, high transparency and fast drying times.

Special Effects

It is a bicomponent water based full gloss topcoat for interiors. It is characterised by very good resistance to chemical agents, yellowing, very good hardness and superficial smoothness.


This is a polyurethane sealer with good characteristics of sanding, ease of application and filling properties. It’s fast drying, and it should be applied by spray (usually airmix) with manual and automatical systems.

Wood Filler

This effect does complete justice with the audacity of the distressed look. One can choose any color in the base and then sit back and watch this effect play with it.

Glass Coatings

A very thin sheet of paper giving a premium look and depicting our rich heritage. Available in 3 different colors, Gold, Silver and Copper.

Metal Coatings

Water-based acrylic filler specifically formulated for wood. Ecological, fast drying. Very low shrinkage. Light resistant colors interior exterior use.