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Sirca specialises in the production of coatings for wood. This living material, which is increasingly valuable and essential in ecological terms, deserves the best possible optimisation and protection.

Sirca products are mainly intended for the furnishing segment and are often developed in collaboration with some of Italy’s most prestigious furniture stores.

The quality of the application, colour customization, and duration over time are all distinctive traits of Sirca coatings, which are flanked by an equally important production of polymers, for various segments ranging from technological structures to fashion design.

Sustainable progress is today an absolute must, particularly in the chemical industry.Sirca strives, day-in, day-out, to pursue continuous improvement on all levels, to
express the positive attention paid to the environment. This objective takes tangible form in the selection of raw materials, the reduction of energy consumption and that of
natural resources, the elimination of emissions and the lengthening of the life cycle of a great many products, thanks to the quality of the finishes and glues.

Sirca S.P.A. pays particularly close attention to the growing demand for products certified for specific uses, in order to support its customers in the constant development of their market.

Sirca therefore constantly monitors the change or creation of new standards and
certifications, both nationally and internationally, and formulates, amends and tests its products to meet these requirements.

We recommend you visit the certifications section of the website www. sirca.it to find out which products are certified as shown below.